Meet the Authors: Thekla Madsen & Callie Trautmiller

Saturday, September 30, 11am-2pm, meet authors Thekla Madsen and Callie Trautmiller; they will be selling and signing books.

Thekla Madsen headshot

Thekla Madsen is co-author with retired Cleveland Police Detective Karl Bort of Bad JuJu in Cleveland, Angry Nurse, and the newest book in the Detective Nicholas Silvano Crime Thriller series, Bad JuJu and the Eye of Oya.

Bad JuJu in Cleveland, the pair’s first novel, is loosely based on a case Bort investigated involving drugs, voodoo, and murder. Angry Nurse is set in the behavioral health world of a big-city hospital. Bad JuJu and the Eye of Oya, the newest in the series, finds JuJu and Detective Nicholas Silvano matching wits once again – but will it be for the last time?

Callie Trautmiller

Callie J. Trautmiller, an award-winning author, writes young adult fiction based on historical events. Her first book, Becoming American, follows a young Japanese-American girl whose family is interred as part of Executive Order 9066 during the start of World War II and how one of the most successful battalions in the fight against the Nazi Regime secretly trained at Wisconsin’s Fort McCoy.  Under the Dirt Sky, her second novel, tells the story of two young people trying to make their way against the unforgiving backdrop of the Great Depression and the Kansas Dust Bowl years.

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