Not Even Dead Yet

Meet Dale Wendorff on Thursday September 28, 6-7pm. He’ll share tales of his life.

Not Even Dead Yet book cover

He’s been shot, impaled, poisonous snake bit, slashed, electrocuted, burned, poison gassed, tornadoed, crashed, bashed, beat, bruised, and he’s: NOT EVEN DEAD YET.

Have you met a person who has experienced almost 60 near-death occurrences? Dale is that person. While recovering after one of these incidents, he documented the events into a book called “Not Even Dead Yet” consisting of a series of short stories that interconnect to tell his life story. It encompasses a number of emotions, feelings and humor with an underlying theme of resilience. Its pages cover his significant life-threatening events along with a few fun stories and resiliency commentary to round out the more intense parts of his life. Join via Livestream.

If you take the movie Forest Gump, combine it with the Jackass movies, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Pure Luck, Dazed and Confused plus toss in some Tony Robbins with an underlying resilience theme you get the story of his life. Like Forest Gump, he’s experienced a significant number of extraordinary events, only in his case they are fact, not fiction for a single person. Significantly more than most people experience in their lifetimes. There’s a plethora of humor, hijinks, bumps, bruises, alcohol consumption, and natural disasters that make up his story. 

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