The Warden of Wickwood – Release Party

Saturday, August 19, 11am. We want to celebrate the release of The Warden of Wickwood, by Daniel Ruefman, with an interview-style talk, reading and signing.

The Warden of Wickwood Book Cover

The Warden of Wickwood is a middle grade novella, intended for young readers (ages 8-12), this fantasy explores timely contemporary issues of financial hardship and environmental stewardship.

When Breeze Chadwick’s father inherits the estate of their estranged Uncle Alex, she and her brother are forced to sacrifice their summer vacation to help their father fix up property. While working on the house, Breeze encounters an impish girl named Puck, who teaches her the secrets of the forest. In the end, Breeze must decide: does she help her father realize his dream of a big payday, or does she work with Puck to save a forest, upon which everything else depends?

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Daniel Ruefman

About the Author: Daniel Ruefman is an emerging author of dark fantasy and horror for younger readers. A native of western Pennsylvania, Daniel relocated with his wife and children to the magical lands of Minnesconsin to pursue a career in higher education. When he is not writing, he teaches the craft to students at the University of Wisconsin—Stout.

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