The Spoken & the Written: Orality, Imagination & the Written Word

Tracy Chipman

Saturday June 17, 1:30-3:00pm. Attend an emergent workshop exploring the edges of the spoken & written word, led by oral storyteller and writer Tracy Chipman. There is a difference between written and oral storytelling. This is an evocative experience for creatives, writers, journalers and any & all who are curious to deepen their relationship with the creative process in both the spoken and written word. Learn how to play with the oral and written storytelling traditions for more robust creativity. Space is limited (minimum of 6 people to run the workshop).

Cost is $25.

Please register by June 10th.

Tracy Chipman weaves the ancient rivers of storytelling, writing and somatic yoga with the ever-changing natural world creating unforgettable experiences inviting us towards greater connections & wholeness. She is a Wisconsin native who has traveled far and wide, and now resides in northern Wisconsin occupying the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe peoples.

She will be doing a reading at The Raw Deal the night before at 6pm.

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