Pop-Up-Charming Farm and Crows in the Meadow Creations

Charming Farm Creations Logo

Saturday March 4, 1-4pm

Christina Swartz of Charming Farm Creations will be selling her custom laser engraved home decor, crafts, toys and gifts. Come to the store to buy your next locally made gift.

Mary Ineichen of Crows in the Meadow Creations will have her Pocket Pillows – they are great for kids and grownups alike – tuck a book or two in the pocket, a color book and crayons or a sketch pad and colored pencils – or even embroidery supplies, and take them with you wherever you go.  Great for Dr. Appointments, sporting events, etc  Set the pillow in your lap, and use it like a “lap desk” and tuck your treasures back in the pocket when you are ready to go.  100% machine washable.

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