Devise Your Story’s Plot Workshop

Thursday October 12, 6-7pm.

Devise Your Story's Plot book cover

When writers come up with a great story idea but don’t know how to to develop it, usually the problem is one of plotting. Understanding story structure – i.e. plot – would be extremely helpful in developing their story. The Devise Your Story’s Plot Workshop is all about understanding the basic rules for constructing your story. It examines plot’s role in storytelling, the importance of conflict in plotting, and the five traditional elements of a plot. It also looks at some common plot pitfalls. The structural guidelines outlined in the book work for any genre, whether you’re writing a serious literary piece or penning in any of the escapist genres from romance or science fiction to mystery or fantasy. By the end of this workshop, with a little imagination tossed in, you should be able to construct an impressive plot.

This will be a hybrid workshop. Zoom link.

Rob Bignell

ROB BIGNELL is the author of more than 50 books and an established editor who has helped more than 300 authors achieve their publishing dreams. His works include hiking trail guidebooks, a novel, children’s books, and poetry.

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