Meet the Authors: Amy Gregg and Benjamin Sonnek

Saturday, September 23, 11am-2pm

Meet authors Benjamin Sonnek and Amy Gregg, both published through Fox Pointe Publishing.

Benjamin Sonnek

Ben’s first book is Cyberwood a Young Adult, science fiction novel.

Ben Sonnek wasn’t really taught to read. He just kind of picked it up from his family. Once he could somehow understand text, though, he actually didn’t read a lot of fiction; he was the quiet nerd who read mostly illustrated science nonfiction or comic strips. Once he did get into fiction, though, the story ideas moved in to stay, and when he tries to evict them by writing them down, more come in to take their place.

Ben’s short fiction has appeared in publications including Daily Science Fiction, Aphelion, Perihelion, Edify Fiction, Sonder Midwest, and the Planet Raconteur podcast.

Amy Gregg

Amy’s latest book is Farmed & Dangerous, the first in a cozy mystery series.

Amy Gregg is the Minnesota Book Award-nominated author of Relic Chosen: Magic and Madness from North Star Press. She is also the author of Through the Woods and Next Weekend, from Lulu Publishing.

She began her writing journey at a young age with what would eventually be known as “fan fiction”, quickly growing into her own narrative voice, and never once thought to stop. Save for those four years while attending Concordia University, St. Paul to get her B.A. in Psychology. And that handful of years to start a family. Then going back to school for medical admin. Somewhere in there, she sleeps.

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